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When It is Your Turn To Ask The Questions...

If you have prepared to answer The 10 Toughest Job Interview Questions for your next interview, you are half way there. Your next step is to develop insightful questions to ask the employer. As you know, most employers use the interview to identify the best candidate for the job as well as to determine whether you will fit their organization. They do this in part by the answers you give to their “tough” questions and in part by what “tough” questions you have prepared for them.

Your preparation can speak volumes to the interviewer as to how you will perform on the job. Once you have created your list, practicing your questions and answers in front of a mirror can help simulate the interview as well as help you to relax during the “real thing”. Time invested in this preparation can be your edge in the final outcome.

Consider the following points when developing your list:

  • Research the company and develop intelligent questions about the organization. Check out the company’s web site for press releases and other announcements. Study the web site from beginning to end and search the Internet for industry news. Be able to speak articulately about the company, industry and their clients.
  • Learn as much as you can about the position. Ask why the position is open, who held the position before and what happened.
  • Ask the interviewer about their experience at the company, how long they have been with the company and what attracted them to join the company. This puts the interviewer in a position to sell the company to you.
  • What are the company’s long term goals and objectives? What is their marketing plan to get there?
  • What is the criterion for success? Six months from now, how will they know if they hired the right person?
  • You may be asked about your strengths and weakness. When it is your turn to ask questions, ask the interviewer what they feel are the company’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • What are current problems (and future anticipated ones)?
  • What does new hire training consist of and what do they do to insure the success of their employees? Is there continuing education so that you can continue to develop professionally?
  • How many candidates are being considered? How do you compare? Based on your background and interview, what does the interviewer feel you could contribute to their team?
  • One of your final questions might be: What question have I not asked you that you think I should have?
  • At the close of the interview, if the interviewer has not explained their hiring process, thank them for taking so much time to go over the opportunity with you and express that you would like to move to the next level. Find out what the process is, who else is involved, how many steps and what is the time frame.

If you feel the interview went well and the position is a fit, emphasize your interest and summarize your qualifications by highlighting why you are the “perfect” candidate for the job. Thank the interviewer for their time and most importantly, ASK FOR THE JOB!